45/1 Air-Operated Grease Pump


Pax Air Operated Grease Pumps, 30 Kg. and 50 Kg. It has been produced in order to lubricate with high pressure and has the capacity to take grease in different volumes.

With its ergonomic design, it provides the user with easy and Professional lubrication in all aspects. It can be easily taken to the desired place with its movable wheels. Steel wire reinforced special hoses are used for durability in operation.


 Product Code  Pressure Ratio     Air Consumption      Operating Pressure   Efficiency   Capacity  Dimensions   Weigth  
HGP-A1 45/1   80 - 90 Lt/min.   6 - 8 Atü    0.800 Kg. / Dk. 

 30 Lt.

50 Lt. 

42x42x92 Cm.

42x42x117 Cm

21 Kg.

24 Kg.


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