Car Seat Cleaning Machine


Pax Car Seat and Carpet Cleaning Machine, with its specially designed stainless-steel body, is suitable for use on both wet and dry floors. It has a 2800-Watt vacuum power that can clean places like sofa, carpet, bed etc. professionally and easily without tiring the user.

This highly professional machine is a machine that is constantly used and preferred in many areas such as auto detailed cleaners, hotels, hospitals, cleaning companies.


Product Code Power   Vacuum Air Flow  Motor Function  Voltage

Tank Capacity

(Dirty Water)

Tank Capacity

(Clean Water)

  Dimensions  Cable Length

2800 W

 Duble Fan Motor 

245 mbar

 24,5 kPa x 2  

61 Lt/Sn  1400 W x 2   Islak - Kuru   220 - 240 V  60 Lt. 15 Lt. 56x70x106 cm 10 mt.