Electric-Op. Waste-Oil Extractor With Bell-Jar


Pax Electric-Operated Waste-Oil Extractor, is produced for places without air compressor with its usage capacity of 80 + 9 Lt. and high-speed vacuum feature.

Thanks to the glass partition, it is easy to monitor how much oil has been drawn. With its ergonomic design, it provides easy and professional use to its users in every way. It can be easily taken to the desired place thanks to its wheels. There are different sizes of oil suction hoses on it.


 Product Code  Operation Type  Operation Temperature   Voltage  Capacity   Hose Length  Dimensions   Weight  


Electric 60 - 80 °C   220 V   80 + 9 Lt. 

2 mt. 

 54x72x116 Cm 

40 Kg.