Pressured Steam Washer


Using Italian pump technology, Pax Pressure Steam Washer is manufactured in order to clean easily and quickly the places where it is difficult to reach and where water cannot be used.

It produces 200 °C hot steam, making it very easy to reach and clean successfully in places that are difficult to clean. It will allow you to achieve effective results in a short time.  It is extremely useful in places where there are electrical and electronic parts are placed in a vehicle.


Product Code Max. Steam Pressure Max. Steam Temperature Water - Steam Tank Capacity  Motor Power (kW-Hp)  Voltage  Gun Type İnitial Heating Duration Water Filling Type Motor - Pump Gun Safety Equipment
B-200 8 Bar 160 - 200 C  35 Lt. / 20 Lt. 380 Volt 380 Volt

2 Pieces


5 - 7 Dk. Automatic - Manuel İtian  Valve - Pressure Stabilizer - Pressure Valve